Appendix Cancer - Amber

Bladder Cancer - Marigold/Blue/Purple

Brain Cancer - Grey

Breast Cancer - Pink

Characinoid Cancer - Zebra Stripe

Cervical Cancer - Teal/White

Childhood Cancer - Gold

Colon Cancer - Dark Blue

Esophageal Cancer - Periwinkle

Gallbladder & Bile Duct Cancer - Kelly Green

Head & Neck Cancer - Burgundy/Ivory

Kidney Cancer - Orange

Leukemia - Orange

Liver Cancer - Emerald Green

Lung Cancer - Clear White

Lymphoma Cancer - Lime Green

Melanoma Cancer - Black

Multiple Myeloma Cancer - Burgundy

Ovarian Cancer - Teal

Pancreatic Cancer - Purple

Prostate Cancer - Light Blue

Sarcoma/Bone Cancer - Yellow

Stomach Cancer - Periwinkle

Testicular Cancer - Orchid

Thyroid Cancer - Teal/Pink/Blue

Uterine Cancer - Peach

Caregiver - Plum


The B.I.S.H. Foundation is dedicated to generating and providing resources necessary for organization who conduct research needed in finding a cure for, preventing, eliminating and the treatment of cancer.  Our mission also encompasses assisting cancer patients in need, and helping educate the community about cancer.

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